kickboxKickbox Your Fitness & Self-Defense Goals Into Life In The Next 90 Days!

This is NO ORDINARY kickboxing workout. Designed from the ground up to focus on both personal fitness and self-defense. In fact Crazy Monkey Kickboxing has been successfully used by Special Force Military Operators, right down to the Everyday Guy and Woman.

  • Proven system to make you strong and fit within 90 days – working at your own ‘best’ pace.
  • Self-defense techniques that work. We start from scratch and build your skill up progressively.
  • Our clients report feeling more confident and lower stress levels after 90 days!

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Why Our Clients Love Us

Crazy Monkey Centurion gym is an AWESOME place to find your confidence if you’ve lost it, lose weight with a kick-but workout! I would recommend them because they are GREAT at what they do..There’s nothing like the ‘crazy monkey’ feeling!

”Eliz-Mari, ”Sales

Jacques is an awesome coach ! I appreciate his humility, his knowledge and his ability to transmit that knowledge so effectively. Each session is always a positive mental boost for me!


”Ebrahim, ”Doctor”

I have been training at Crazy Monkey Centurion for about four years now…I have gained more than I bargained for, my self confidence is through the roof, I have lost a lot of weight and I feel much healthier in general. The thing that separated the Crazy Monkey Defence Program from other martial arts schools is that Crazy Monkey is aimed at making you a better person as well as martial artist.



”Hannes, ”Property